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The Sunday Sessions

The Sunday Sessions

Documentary | English | 90 minutes


Monarch Films, Inc



THE SUNDAY SESSIONS is an intimate portrait of one man's struggle to reconcile his religious conviction and sexual identity. The feature length documentary (a 48 minute TV cut is also available) follows Nathan, a gay man in his late twenties, as he seeks counseling from a conversion therapist. Conversion therapy is the controversial, non-scientifically based process which aims to convert an individual's sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual. Although it has been discredited by all major American medical, psychiatric, psychological and professional counseling organizations, some therapists still offer the service for reasons almost exclusively rooted in a conservative religious belief system. The filmmakers had unfettered access to individual therapy sessions, family sessions, and a collection of weekend camps, and have crafted an emotional and psychological thriller which chronicles two years of Nathan's journey from acceptance to skepticism, all leading to a profound epiphany.

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