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We Make Antiques! Kyoto Rendezvous

We Make Antiques! Kyoto Rendezvous

Comedy, Drama | Japanese | 107 minutes


GAGA Corporation



Masaharu Take


Kiichi Nakai, Kuranosuke Sasaki, Ryoko Hirosue



A dowdy antique dealer Norio in Kyoto is asked by a beautiful lady Shino to find a swindled historical valuable tea-cup by Master Oribe from 16th century which was passed on by her late father. Norio and a pottery artist Sasuke give her an authentic-looking imitation which Sasuke made for free as replacement. But shortly thereafter, they find out that Shino is a fraud; Shino recognizes their skills and proposes a deal to earn big money in conspiracy by unveiling an underground crime of vice dealers’ group selling off lots of fakes internationally. Teaming up with other talented buddies, Norio and Sasuke determine to drive the con-game and to get revenge on the villains who stained on their reputation in the past.

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