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The Impossible Dream

The Impossible Dream

Documentary | English | 60 minutes

Las Entreprise

Cinema Management Group (CMG)

Cast & Crew


Michal "Miki" Wecel


Hugh Welchman, Sean Bobbitt


Hugh Welchman


Douglas Booth, Jerome Flynn, Robert Gulaczyk, Helen McCrory, Chris O'Dowd, Saorise Ronan, John Sessions, Eleanor Tomlinson, Aidan Turner


A 60 minute documentary detailing the 10-year journey it took two passionate filmmakers, Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman, to achieve their Impossible Dream, creating the world's first fully painted feature length animated film comprised of over 65,000 hand painted frames – LOVING VINCENT.

Drawing on the life and inspiration of Vincent van Gogh, LOVING VINCENT was much more than a labor of love... Find out all the trials and tribulations in the making of the film and ultimately its critical as well as audience success with over US $42million in box-office and an Oscar nomination, Golden Globe nomination, BAFTA nomination and 14 additional Film Festival Awards.

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