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The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing

Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama | English | 84 minutes


Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Brody Gusar


Krystyna Ahlers, Brody Gusar, Brendan Merrill, Mustan Dawood, Iain Roush


Brody Gusar, Iain Roush


Brad Culver, Jonney Ahmanson, Marshall Manesh, Jonathan Lipnicki, Sam Bianchini



The Next Big Thing is a dark comedy about friendship, revenge and the lust for fame. The protagonist is Julian, who, despite his "talent", has never achieved the level of fame he thinks he deserves. When his deranged and estranged best friend Chuck shows up with a plan to make Julian famous by making a film about Julian becoming famous, Julian agrees to do it. Unfortunately for Julian, Chuck's real aim is to make a prank show centered on ruining Julian's life. After a series of embarrassing and painful events Julian begins to regret his decision, but the worse the situation is for Julian, the more popular the videos become. Julian's ego allows Chuck to bring him to the edge of his sanity and beyond.

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