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Tiny Cinema

Tiny Cinema

Black Comedy | English | 83 minutes


Epic Pictures Group

Cast & Crew


Tyler Cornack


Shelby Dash, Austin LEWIS, Olivia Herman, Matt Rubano, Kyle Lewis, Matt Rasku, Tyler Cornack, Kevin Michael Moran, Tyler Rice, Phil Ursino, Sam Landers, Kristina Clifford



From the filmmakers that brought us BUTT BOY: six stories unfold in a strange and unusual universe. The First Chapter is the tale of a “Game Night” that spirals out of control when a simple “That’s What She Said” joke completely goes over the head of one of the guests. The Second Chapter is the story of “Edna”, who is looking for love in all the wrong places, including a corpse she finds floating in a river. The Third Chapter, “Bust”, is a story of two friends who will stop at nothing in helping their buddy get over his impotence. The Fourth Chapter, “Deep Impact”, is a tale of a complacent delivery man who finds himself stranded in the desert after delivering a package to himself... from the future. The Fifth Chapter, “Mother*******”, will take you into a mafia card game where an unlucky mobster finds himself in serious trouble after a slip of the tongue. The Sixth and Final Chapter, “Daddies Home”, is the story of a young man who physically transforms into a dad after unknowingly snorting the ashes of his date’s father. A weirdly fun and twisted look at humanity.

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