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My Day

My Day

Drama, Thriller | English | 90 minutes

보병 중대

OneTwoThree Media

캐스트 & 크루


Ibrahim Miiro


Hannah Laresa Smith, Mike Kinsey, Karl Jackson, Sallyann Felows



Sixteen-year-old runaway, Ally escaped an abusive home life and now lives on the streets of London.
She believes she has friends and makes small deliveries for a family of local drug dealers.
But things spiral out of control when Ally offers to take a bigger delivery, during the delivery she is drugged and then attacked, Ally fights back and escapes, but loses the drugs and the money.
Ally is now taken hostage by the gang and only an old man she befriended tries to help her escape and takes matters into his own hands, determined that he will get her to safety.

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