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Place Of Bones

Place Of Bones

Action/Adventure, Thriller, Western | English

보병 중대

Highland Film Group

캐스트 & 크루


Audrey Cummings


Eric Gozlan, David Lipper


Heather Graham, Tom Hopper


When a bloody bank robber Calhoun arrives near death at an isolated ranch, Pandora (Heather Graham) and her daughter Hester are forced to care for him in their remote cabin. Notorious outlaw gang leader Bear John (Tom Hopper) is on the hunt for the bank’s haul of cash, and Calhoun, who killed several of his fellow bank robbers to keep the cash for himself. Pandora becomes suspicious of Calhoun, but is left with no time to prepare for bloodshed, as Bear John and his gang of thugs arrive intent on brutal revenge. However, Pandora is prepared to show the men that she will do anything to protect her daughter, even if it means having killer instincts.

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