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Place Of Bones

Place Of Bones

Action/Adventure, Thriller, Western | English


Highland Film Group

Cast & Crew


Audrey Cummings


Eric Gozlan, David Lipper


Heather Graham, Tom Hopper


The Wild West in 1876; lawless and tough. Outlaw gang leader Bear John (Tom Hopper), hunts down Calhoun, a back-stabber who killed John’s brother and his fellow bank robbers to keep the cash for himself. Pandora (Heather Graham) and her daughter Hester just get by on a homestead ranch many miles from the nearest town, when Calhoun arrives on their doorstep bleeding out and near death. Pandora and Hester notice his saddlebags stuffed full with cash, realize what is happening, and see an opportunity. But they have no time as Bear John and his crew of thugs arrive intent on delivering brutal revenge. The odds look to be in his favor, but Pandora quickly shows Bear John and his men that she’s not new to the gun, and she’s more than ready to take them all down to keep what’s hers.

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