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Drama, Western | English | 85 minutes

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Elenco e Tripulação


Wade F. Jackson


Jason de Vyea


Wade F. Jackson


Peter O'Brien, Alice Barret, Jonathan Gaietto

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An Army veteran, J.C. Murray returns to his rural home and receives a cold welcome from his abusive family. Desperate for money and a way out, he turns to his estranged brother, Harris, who proposes a cash-based job - to illegally kill wild horses. However, when J.C. is suspected of spooking the herd to protect them, he discovers an enemy in Harris who works him over and leaves him out in the wild.

This could turn out to be a blessing in disguise when J.C. is rescued by a reclusive rancher, Finch, who takes a liking to him. The chance encounter quickly becomes a hopeful redirection of J.C's dysfunctional family life. But soon, JC's troubled past begins to unravel - forcing him to use the lessons that the horses and Finch have taught him to safeguard his future.

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