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Butcher's Crossing

Butcher's Crossing

Action/Adventure, Drama, Western | English | 100 minutes

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Gabe Polsky


Gabe Polsky, Molly Conners, Will Clarke, Andy Mayson


Gabe Polsky


Nicolas Cage

O Sumário

Based on the seminal novel by John Edward Williams, Butcher’s Crossing is a frontier epic that follows a young Harvard drop-out into the Colorado wilderness as he joins a team of buffalo hunters in search of a mythic herd of buffalo. Little does he know, the journey will put his life and sanity at risk. The adventure is both sublime and horrific, where a confrontation with dark truth leads to a descent into madness. Detailing a gripping and largely untold chapter in American history, Butcher's Crossing is a riveting commentary on human nature, masculinity, and man’s relationship to his natural environment.

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