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Queens of the Field

Queens of the Field

Alternate Titles: Une Belle Équipe

Comedy | French | 94 minutes

A Firma


Elenco e Tripulação


Mohamed Hamidi


Nicolas Duval Adassovksy, Jamel Debbouze


Mohamed Hamidi, Alain-Michel Blanc, Camille Fontaine


Kad Merad, Alban Ivanov, Céline Sallette, Sabrina Ouazani

O Sumário

After its football team is disqualified for insulting a referee during a major game, a small country town risks losing its funding along with its field.
To avoid this disaster, there is only one solution: creating a new team made up exclusively of women to defend the city’s colors!
But in a community where football has always been an activity reserved for men, these women’s new status will be sure to shake up the daily lives of the town’s residents…

Following the success of One Man and His Cow (French BO: 10M $), Mohamed Hamidi is back with
a new popular comedy featuring Kad Merad (Little Nicholas), Alban Ivanov (Sink or Swim), Sabrina
Ouazani (Taxi 5), and Céline Sallette (The Returned).
The Full Monty + women + football = A new hilariously entertaining formula brought to you by major
French comedy producer Quad (C’est La Vie!, Heartbreaker).

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