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Tales From The Occult 2

Tales From The Occult 2

Psycho-Drama, Thriller | Cantonese | 100 minutes


Media Asia Film Distribution (HK) Ltd.

Актеры и исполнители


Frank HUI, Doris WONG, Daniel CHAN


John CHONG, Mathew TANG


Michelle WAI, You Nam WONG, Cecilia CHOI, Kevin CHU, Karena LAM, Terence LAU


“Rapunzel” (directed by Frank HUI)
When a hair model’s tresses are sullied in a carouse, she walks into a hair
salon to salvage her sole pride and joy, only to meet her most macabre end.

“Cheshire Cat” (directed by Daniel CHAN)
A man that is asked by an animal lover to investigate incidents of cat torture
turns out to be the perpetrator himself, whose next target could be human.

“Tooth Fairy” (directed by Doris WONG)
The death of a philandering dentist initially suggests a crime of passion,
but it soon comes to light that a patient of his m ight not be as innocent as
she looks.

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