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The Kings

The Kings

Documentary | English


Protagonist Pictures



Mat Whitecross


James Gay-rees, Paul Martin


The Academy Award-winning Producers of AMY and SENNA return with AMERICAN KINGS. This epic four-part docu-series follows the fierce rivalry between four of the greatest boxers of all time. An unbelievable story of sporting heroes overcoming adversity to fight for their place in the history books.

It was the closing of an era. But the curtain closes, then another curtain opens. Boxing is a metaphor for life. Everyone’s fighting for something.”
TEDDY ATLAS, Boxing Hall of Fame Trainer and Commentator

Following the retirement of Muhammad Ali in 1981, the world of boxing was ready for a new king. In his wake, came four young fighters, whose names would forever be intertwined - and who are now considered amongst the greatest boxers of all time: the Four Kings.

‘SUGAR’ RAY LEONARD - handsome, charming, marketable and supremely talented, groomed as the new Ali and ‘America’s Sweetheart’, became the embodiment of the Reagan era.

ROBERTO ‘HANDS OF STONE’ DURÁN - a poverty-stricken street fighter from Panama, and an icon of hope and pride for all of Latin America, amid a time of rising political tensions between Panama and the US.

THOMAS ‘HIT MAN’ HEARNS - a hungry underdog from Detroit, becomes a symbol for the people of his city during a period of extreme racial tensions.

‘MARVELLOUS’ MARVIN HAGLER- known as the workingman’s fighter, was a breath-taking boxer who won his crown through hard work, determination and sacrifice.

Each of these legends beat insurmountable odds, overcame terrible hardship, and their thrilling encounters would go down as among the greatest in boxing history.

AMERICAN KINGS is their story.