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Outlaw Films

Outlaw Films

10 Fielder Street
West Gosford, NSW 2250

Phone: 61+447280243

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Writer/Executive producer/Director
Mike Horan

Andrew Davis

Executive producer
Sandie Horan

Production Profile

Outlaw Films is an independent film production company established to produce low-budget horror/thriller/sci-fi genre films for the international marketplace.

Outlaw Films was founded by Mike Horan, initially to achieve Mike’s lifelong goal of making a horror film. Andrew Davis came on board soon after and together Mike and Andrew are the Creative Talents behind Outlaw Films. We are self-funded, along with assistance from crowdfunding campaigns to support postproduction and distribution.

Genres: Horror, Suspense

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Horror, Science-Fiction, Supernatural Thriller | English | 120 minutes | 2022

Outlaw Films

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