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8 Days to Hell

8 Days to Hell

Horror | English | 85 minutes


Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Shane Woodson


Eric Roberts, Shane Woodson, Tori London, Jennifer Day, Sadie Katz



8 DAYS TO HELL is a horror anthology of 7 intertwined tales following the paths of multiple killers across Los Angeles. The story begins with B-Actor Jonathan Jones, a Hollywood based method actor who loses himself in his role, committing murder. It concludes with a hapless gambler, Jake Daniels, who owes a lot of money to some dangerous characters. After killing his lover, Ruby, and stealing a valuable ring he hurries to pawn it. It is there the owner, Demond, makes him a bigger offer, a pile of cash for one pull on a slot machine. The price for losing is nothing really important, just his soul. Always the gambler, Jake takes the deal to his eternal regret.

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