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A Brooklyn Christmas

A Brooklyn Christmas

Drama, Faith, Family | English | 100 minutes


Shake The Tree Productions

Cast & Crew


Logline: Odds are, putting out fires and saving lives wasn’t a bet this bookie planned on making. But for A Brooklyn Christmas, it’s a win, win.

One Christmas Eve years ago, suave wiseguy, Tony C., loses his life saving a young boy from being hit by a truck. He finds himself before Saint Peter who has taken the form of a dentist. In the heavenly office, we meet Horatio, a bungling apprentice angel. He is the polar opposite of Tony’s sophistication. After his judgment, Tony and Horatio are sent back down to Brooklyn to help guide a young fireman Jerry, through the season after losing his beloved wife

Material Available: Script (WGA 1989578), Pitch Deck, One Sheet, Poster, Budget, Investment Outline

Current Status:
* Financing Needed/Matching Fund-Co-Production Opportunities
** Director Attached – Shaun Piccinino (A California Christmas, That’s Amore)
*** Under Contract - Sales Agent/Executive Producing Team-Brian Sweet and Warren Nimchuk with APL Films (Canada)
**** Screenplay is in 20+ Festivals as an Official Selection with multiple Nominations and Wins

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