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A Cat and A Dog

A Cat and A Dog

Drama | Polish | 102 minutes


KDMG, Inc.

Cast & Crew


Janusz Kondratiuk


Michael Kwiecinski


Anna Gronowska


Olgierd Lukaszewicz, Robert Wieckiewicz, Bozena Stachura, Klara Bielawka


Andrzej (Olgard Lukaszewicz) and Janusz (Robert Wieckiewicz) are both acclaimed film directors who have long since gone their separate ways. When Andrzej suffers a serious cerebral hemorrage, his subsequent paralysis is too much for his long-time partner Iga (Aleksandra Konieczna) to handle. She calls his brother Janusz, who with the help of his wife Beata (Bozena Stachura) decide to take him to live with them. A bittersweet tale about setting aside past grievances and airing long-built resentments, the former rivals find humor in their situation. And while their time together can be therapeutic for the two neurotic brothers, it becomes apparent in the end, however, that it's not about treatment, it's about time. Less of a conventional narrative, the story rides along a road of repairations, rebuilding the bonds of brotherhood and family.

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