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A Great Divide

A Great Divide

Drama | English, Korean | 100 minutes


Storyboard Media

Cast & Crew


Jean Shim


Jean Shim, Brian Yang, Jeff Yang


Jeff Yang, Jean Shim, Martina Nagel


Ken Jeong, Jae Suh Park, Miya Cech, Emerson Min, Margaret Cho, MeeWha Alana Lee, Brooke Markham, Jamie McShane



Seen through the eyes of a Korean American family that leaves San Francisco for a small town close to Yellowstone, A GREAT DIVIDE addresses the impact of xenophobia on Asian Americans and the generational burden of expectations that weigh on their children. The beautiful backdrop of Wyoming lends itself to the family’s healing journey of repairing itself post loss, reconciliation and redemption, and the next chapter of embracing love and adventure in all its forms.

A GREAT DIVIDE features an original orchestral soundtrack by Everett Kim, with songs by K-pop idol and 2023 Coachella breakout star DPR IAN (“No Blueberries” and “So Beautiful”).

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