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A Stranger In Paris

A Stranger In Paris

Comedy | English, French | 86 minutes


KDMG, Inc.

Cast & Crew


Louis Yahyazadeh Siahroudkolaei


Louis Yahyazadeh Siahroudkolaei


Louis Yahyazadeh Siahroudkolaei


Louis Yahyazadeh Siahroudkolaei



Travel through the boulevards of Paris with a talented exiled musician working as a taxi driver in the City of Lights. This remarkable film takes you on a stunning tour of the city’s world-famous landmarks as well as through the neglected and desperate streets most tourists never visit. His passengers are a fascinating cross-section of different cultures, classes, languages, and ages, and our hero connects with them with blunt questions and through the beautiful language of music. During the extended filming of this extraordinary work, Paris undergoes changes with the Charlie Hebdo attack. The conversations with the passengers become critical of the extremist acts in a wittingly funny manner while the musician’s charm and world-weary character offer an inspirational perspective. Amidst the many problems that he and his camera capture, there are even more surprising and wondrous moments revealing the beauty of music, humanity and ultimately the hope we all hold in our hearts.

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