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Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery | Thai | 120 minutes


Vela Entertainment Co., Ltd

Cast & Crew


Kritidech Sinjermsiri


Mondop Heamtan, Thanatsaran Samthonglai



Zen, a young boy gifted with special powers, have to choose the path of life between destroying the world according to the prophecy or proving to others that he can change the prophecy.

"Zen", a young boy from GENBU House which his grandfather was also chosen to study there, is an ordinary boy whose ordinariness makes him completely different from others. Until one day, he solved the mystery of the annual competition. However, that mystery also happened mysteriously. It's the 5th piece of the puzzles, when there should only be 4 puzzles. That makes Zen became the first 5th competitor in the annual competition.

The mystery that everyone doesn't know is why there is a fifth contestant, who organize this competition, and what purpose does the organizer has. No one knows for sure. But what continues is the competition to be number 1 among the 5 students in this school. And in this race, they discovered some truths.

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