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Acapulco Sunset

Acapulco Sunset

Thriller | Spanish | 76 minutes


House Of Film



Sparkling aqua-blue waters, vast sandy beaches, luxurious high-rise hotels, and extravagant fashions are the backdrop for a mysterious string of murders in the ultra-chic Acapulco of the decadent 1980s. Mexico's top criminologist, Mateo Osorio is dispatched to the chic and gorgeous resort city to solve a series of seemingly unconnected homicides. When he arrives, Mateo finds that he's an outsider in a wealthy town where everybody knows everybody else's business, and nobody wants to talk. Slowly he integrates himself into the secretive enclaves of the local social scene and begins to unravel a network of subterfuge, alliances, and betrayals fueled by unlimited sums of dirty money. But Mateo's impeccable credentials and spotless record may not be a match for overwhelming temptations that seem to corrupt everything under the swaying palm trees and immaculate blue skies.

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