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Altered Skin

Altered Skin

Thriller | English | 80 minutes


Evolutionary Films

Cast & Crew


Adnan Ahmed


Avi Federgreen, Adnan Ahmed


Adnan Ahmed


Robin Dunne, Juggan Kazim, Salman Shahid, Nimra Bucha


Craig, an American expat living in Karachi is married to Insiya, a Pakistani doctor who, during a routine hospital round, contracts a virus called the MN-2. A devastating pathogen, the virus causes uncontrollable outbursts of violent rage. With no cure in sight, the doctors have no choice but put her in a state of induced coma. Meanwhile, the virus continues to spread through the country. People infected by it are referred to as 'carriers'. The only relief is a drug called Sedare. It is manufactured by Ingenec - a local pharmaceutical company - and sold as an adhesive patch. It is so ubiquitous that in the market it is simply called the 'patch'. However, it's not a cure. All it does is calm the symptoms for a few hours. The patch is also useless in advanced stages of the disease. As Insiya's condition continues to deteriorate, it appears Craig has accepted her impending death. But when the dead body of an investigative reporter turns up in a sewer, it sets off a domino of events that leads Craig to the mystery behind the virus...and to the last chance at saving his wife.

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