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Angel Nieto: The Man Who Defeated Time

Angel Nieto: The Man Who Defeated Time

Documentary | Spanish | 103 minutes



Cast & Crew


Hugo Stuven


Luis Velo, Guillermo Gomez, Laura Fernandez, Carlos Fernandez


David Zurdo


Alex Criville, Pier Paolo Bianchi, Mercedes Mila, Valentino Rossi


In 1969, an unknown racer called Angel Nieto won the first motorcycling world cup for Spain. He still had a long way to go before he would be considered a legend in the sport and many years of tough competition to become the second motorcycle racer in the history of the sport with most trophies. In this documentary, we will travel back in time with his brothers, to find out about the beginnings of a rebellious young kid, who never liked studying, but who also obtained the highest score in an IQ test taken at school.

Searching for sporadic jobs, as a teenager he was employed in a motorcycle workshop. One day, the owner took him to a race that was being held in the Retiro Park, in Madrid. This was Angel’s first introduction to the sport and it would change his life forever. From then onwards, his only dream was to be a motorcycle racer, a dream he fulfilled. He moved to Barcelona, where he lived in the basement under a fruit shop, until he managed to get a job working for Bultaco. He later moved on to the competition department at Derbi… and the rest is history.

A friend to some of the greats, Angel Nieto never lost his passion for life. His premature departure from this life liberated him from the old age he had always feared and he has lived on in the hearts of motorcycling and sports fans ever since.

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