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Anthem of a Teenage Prophet

Anthem of a Teenage Prophet

Drama, Supernatural Thriller | English | 84 minutes


Cinema Management Group

Cast & Crew


Robin Hays


Kim Roberts, Tina Pehme


Cameron Monaghan, Peyton Lewis, Juliette Lewis, Alex MacNicoll, Aaron Pearl


While hanging with his friends after school, Luke, has a premonition. Friend Stan is going to be hit by a car the next day. Without much thought, he shares his premonition with Stan and their friends who brush it off as a joke but get it all on video. When events come true the next day, Luke is devastated. His “so-called friends” sell the video to the News who stalk him for more predictions and dub him "The Prophet of Death". Luke struggles to find understanding as each haunting prediction comes true without being able to save anyone. Meanwhile, Faith, who was Stan’s girlfriend, tries to help him get his life back until a vision of his childhood friend, Fang, killing himself. Finally, Luke skirts destiny and saves Fang’s life. An inspiring story of the teenage experience, all confusing, hormonal, full of anxiety, and how a young man triumphs over his unknown abilities to see the future.

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