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Drama | English | 113 minutes


Shoreline Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Robert Ethan Gunnerson


Jennifer Schaefer


Robert Ethan Gunnerson


Peter Facinelli, Raina-Simone Moore, Ann Cusack


Paris Pritchert is a former police officer turned drug dealer and addict who embarks on a quest to find a missing child in the hope of redeeming his eroding character. The only catch is, like all addicts, Paris' confidence completely relies on the drugs in his system and -- in this case -- his firm belief that he can succeed if he can just stay high 24/7 and alive long enough to see it through.

To aid in the endeavor, Paris enlists the help of Maya Gibbs, a prostitute versed not only in the language of the street, but also in the words of Maya Angelou and Nadine Gordimer. Together, the path of this dysfunctional duo crosses with those of the child's parents, a doctor with a penchant for soliciting "Street Boys", a self-ascribed King Of Porn, a drug supplier with a gift for making impeccable hors d'oeuvres , and a hardened cop with more scams than the most adept street hustler.

Told through a variety of visual techniques and color schemes, ARC unfolds as Paris's search leads to places he never expected. It is a search filled with the dimness of an addict's life, the shadiness of perverse characters and the budding friendship of two people with nothing to lose and everything to gain. And most of all, it is a search filled with answers. Answers to the child's whereabouts ... answers to Paris' relationship with his own mother and father ... and answers to the existence of a criminal mastermind known only as "The Wolf."

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