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Heist | Spanish | 93 minutes


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ARTCON is an addictive cocktail of twists and turns. Firstly following a common story of a marriage in crisis which, before we know it, switches gears and we are
thrust into a suspenseful heist orchestrated by an international network of criminals. The plot focuses on two camps, the takers and the taken, but with a twist since nothing in this story is what it seems. ARTCON succeeds not only in conning the audience, but also in creating a series of fascinating characters who play a delicious game of trust and betrayal. The city and the grand museum where the story is set are geographically non-specific, giving the film a universal
feel. The plot is diabolical and impeccable as every piece of the story falls logically into place while we are led to walk on a winding staircase of surprises.
ARTCON is a thrilling glimpse into the dark underbelly of the art-scene, the heist behind the glamor, and above all else, this movie is a grand magic act.

Genre: Heist, crime; 93min; 4K; in Spanish with English subtitles

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