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Asherah's Colors

Asherah's Colors

Alternate Titles: Asherah: A Love Odyssey

Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romantic Comedy | English | 29 minutes


Q2 Films

Cast & Crew


Gary Mazeffa


Tom Braun


Gary Mazeffa


Shira Behore, Connor Tuohy, Emily Calera, Hessam Abrishami, Star Mortezavi, Deavanie Fagon, Richard Carries



"Asherah's Colors" is a captivating proof of concept film that serves as a precursor to the extensive work of a planned T.V. series, "Asherah: A Love Odyssey." The film offers a glimpse into a chapter of Asherah's life, while the series will delve deeper into her journey. The screenplay follows Asherah from the ages of 12 to 18, portraying her mesmerizing journey to save humanity. Drawing from a rich tapestry of diverse literary sources, such as Homer's epic poem, King Arthur's Excalibur, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, mystical talismans, medallions, rings, and myths from the American West, this blend works within the context of a contemporary setting. The protagonist, Asherah, is created for and within the 21st century, introducing a new hero for our time.

Specific to the film "Asherah's Colors," Raphael, an Italian exchange student, falls deeply in love with Asherah, the girl of his dreams. Determined to win her heart, he plans a memorable date at his uncle's art gallery. Here, they immerse themselves in Expressionist art and multiple world cultures, surrounded by vibrant colors that bring their dreams to life. This romantic tale, set against the backdrop of the fantasy World of Asherah, laced with Mesopotamian, Eastern, and Western mythological elements, adds a layer of emotional depth and subtext to the narrative.

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