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Aspirin for the Masses

Aspirin for the Masses

Romantic Comedy | English | 101 minutes


Adler & Associates Entertainment

Cast & Crew


ADAM Nixon


Charlotte Yakoveff, Adam Nixon, Marie Adler


Adam Nixon


Laura Blasi, Arthur Gibb, Daniel Wyland, Anthony Hacsi, Matt Neufeld, Karin Rosnizeck, Peter Garafalo



Set in Washington DC, this unconventional romcom profiles a series of quirky, borderline unhinged characters as they fall in and out of romantic entanglements. Joni must choose between her Ph.D. common-law husband and her dream lover. Her father Roland is a salesman with a billion-dollar idea, if he can only find angel investors. Michael has a plan to find the cash. Joni's sister Sioux can become a licensed family therapist if she can keep her hallucinations in check long enough to pass the licensing exam. Filling out the cast are a team of lesbian movers, a teenage boy with a secret identity, a suburban mom who did way too many drugs in the 90's, in the 80's, in the 70's, and in the 60's, and Kelly, a first year pharmacy student - and former beauty queen - who steals drugs to pay her tuition. Thrust together in a series of interlocking stories, these characters must all try and make sense of the strange emotional narcotic called love.

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