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Battle Of Jangsari

Battle Of Jangsari

Action/Adventure | English, Korean | 104 minutes


Finecut Co., Ltd.

Cast & Crew


Kyung-taek KWAK, Tae-hun KIM


Tae-won CHUNG


Man-hee LEE


Myung-min KIM, Min-ho CHOI, Sung-cheol KIM, George EADS, Megan FOX


Having lost his family on his retreat from North Korea, a high school student Choi Sung-pil enlists in the army to fight for the South during the Korean War. Ki Ha-ryun is a rebellious youth from the South who volunteers to fight in the war. All of the 772 students and youths who joined the army are barely out of school, having received only 2 weeks of boot camp training. Task force commander Captain Lee Myung-joon knows it’s a long shot, but he has no choice but to lead them into a crucial mission.

Meanwhile, US war correspondent Maggie braves the dangers of the battlefield to report on the war in the frontlines. She feels empathy for the Korean students who must go into battle on behalf of the veteran soldiers for their country, and tries to do what she can on her end to rescue them.

With little ammo, scant food supplies and raggedy weapons, can the student soldiers successfully carry out their mission and return home safely?

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