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Beacon Of Ming

Beacon Of Ming

Action/Adventure, Martial Arts | Chinese | 90 minutes


Yingfilm Entertainment PTY Ltd.

Cast & Crew


Kai Wang


Tat-Wah Lok, Hu An



The Wizard has taken over the power of the Wazi country and started expanding to engulf the surrounding tribes; the Ming emperor is captured from defending the Wizard. The Wizard took the emperor with the troops to conquer Ming, deployed assassins inside the wall of Ming, and planned to attack from both inside and outside. At this emergency moment, the civil servant Yu,Qian took on this severe mission to defend the country of Ming. They were allied with Ming's escaping criminal Shi, Heng and Tusha, the good-looking disciple of Shaman, against the powerful, vicious and ambitious Wizard for a fierce battle between wisdom and bravery.

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