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Believe the Beat

Believe the Beat

Documentary | English, Portuguese | 78 minutes


KDMG, Inc.

Cast & Crew


Jocelyn Edelstein


Zak Kilberg, Maria Carneiro Da Cunha, Claudia Lima, Iz Web


Jocelyn Edelstein, Marcia da Matta Watzl


Barbara Lima, Anyel Aram, Feijao Carioca Cud



Jocelyn Edelstein is a 22-year-old dance major from the United States studying abroad in the iconic city of Rio de Janeiro, when a chance encounter with a crew of talented Brazilian street dancers alters her life forever.

She quickly becomes captivated by the devoted friendships and gritty determination she witnesses at a grimy park by the beach, where the crew trains day and night. What begins as a timid desire to dance alongside them, transforms into a decade-long journey of artistic growth, and a transformative bond that transcends language and distance.

As Jocelyn discovers the promise, passion and challenge of independent filmmaking, her friends fight to sustain their connection through thick and thin, as they each make their own space in the world of professional dance.

From the humble city park where it all began, follow six incredible dancers as they grow up, dream big, and lay it all on the line for art, trust and togetherness.

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