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Best Years Gone

Best Years Gone

Comedy | English | 94 minutes


DeskPop Entertainment LLC

Cast & Crew


Shane Hagedorn


DJ Perry


DJ Perry


Victoria Jackson, Terence Knox, Lana Wood



BEST YEARS GONE is a screenplay adapted from the novel "Hope from Heaven" by Michigan author, Karl Manke. The screenplay, written by DJ Perry, is about Gil Gilles (DJ Perry) a former small track racer whose dreams of the big time came crashing down one night at the track. Now, Gil spends his days drinking and hustling anything he can flip for cash with dreams of making a comeback one day. His 'happy' bachelor lifestyle is shaken when he meets Sylvia (Erika Hoveland), a waitress at the local tavern. Gil falls head over heels for her. But, with this romance comes a cost. Sylvia's nit-picking-millennial-twin teenage daughters Peggy and Julia. The twins are not happy with their mother's choice in men, mainly Gil and the couple's partying lifestyle. For the moment, Gil will kick rocks until the girls eventually move out; Peggy off to college and Julia, hopefully with her new boyfriend Jim. But rather than cool down, things heat up, when a night of partying leaves both Gil and Sylvia with another black out drunk and bad hangover morning. Only to discover the body of Julia, a victim of a horrible and senseless act. Leaving Sylvia grieving over the loss of her daughter and has Gil running for the hills, on the suspicion of murder. The party is over when Gil is hunted by the law, Julia's sister Peggy, and also haunted by the visions of his dead father. Is ol' Gil the murderer? Are his visions a psychosis? Will he clear his name and save his skin? How many calories does a light beer really save you? All are answered in this funny yet dark comedy in the vein of 'Raising Arizona' and 'Leaving Las Vegas'.

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