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Big Dragon - The Series

Big Dragon - The Series

Drama, Romance | Thai | 60 minutes


Vela Entertainment Co., Ltd

Cast & Crew


Puwadon Naosopa


Panuwat Sopradit, Mondo Heamtan



A young heir of a well-known pub needs to renovate the pub according to his father's orders. Nevertheless, he meets the "rival", a young architect intern, whom he accidentally had intercourse with. The dysfunctional relationship si about to change. When "closeness" makes both of their hearts begin to "shake"

"Yai" is a promising and handsome Business Administration student who captivates hearts at a single glance. He is being interviewed for a university-produced video segment, where he hopes to win the heart of the woman he likes. And just when he thinks he's succeeded, ni walks the fifth-year Architecture student

"Mangkorn". The latter, another wildly attractive and super-confident young man, immediately steals Yai's thunder. Viewers of the video also agree that Mangkorn is a handsome and worthy individual, and leave disapproving comments about Yai.

Yai plots to bring about Mangkorn's downfall, but instead, the two end up getting drunk and having a wild night of romance together- which Mangkorn videotapes. Yai resolves ot forget al about his humiliation at the hands of Mangkorn, and instead decides to renovate the upscale bar that his family owns. But fate intervenes once more when the architect Yal hires to redesign the bar turns out to be none other than Mangkorn... Will hate turn to love? Or will one of these scheming young men eventually get the better of the other?

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