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BigGer (Da Grandi)

BigGer (Da Grandi)

Comedy, Family | Italian | 104 minutes



Cast & Crew


Fausto Brizzi


Franco Amurri, Fausto Brizzi


Enrico Brignano, Luca Bizzarri, Paolo Kessisoglu, Ilenia Pastorelli


In the contemporary suburbs of a big Italian city, four schoolmates from primary school – Marco the teacher’s pet, Leo the most rebellious one, Tato with his head in the clouds and Serena who eats more than she needs to – feeling neglected by their parents make a wish: they want to grow old. The morning after they all wake up in adult bodies! This will trigger several misunderstandings, mistakes and hilarious situations, but will also make them discover new and “big” feelings.

“Da Grandi” is the “plural” version of the idea that generated two much loved ‘80s movies such as “Da Grande” starring Renato Pozzetto and Tom Hanks’ “Big”. Director Fausto Brizzi wrote the screenplay of this fun-filled comedy together with Franco Amurri, the original creator of this IP.

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