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Border Blues

Border Blues

Action/Adventure | English, Russian | 89 minutes


Shoreline Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Rodin Nahapetov


Rodin Nahapetov


Rodin Nahapetov


Gary Busey, Eric Roberts



He borders on insanity ...

LARRY MAKLOVSKY (Eric Roberts), dangerous and unpredictable, works as a smuggler on the Mexican-American border. He meets up with beautiful RITA (Ekaterina Rednikova) and her five-year-old daughter. Ritan ran from Moscow in search of her husband who disappeared in Mexico after committing fraud in Russia.

Unable to locate her husband, Rita decides to cross into the United States. She becomes dependent on the psychologically unstable Maklovsky, a man with a very dark past.

To worsen matters, their border escape is complicated by a corrupt Mexican cop (Erik Estrada), who is chasing after them.

Simultaneously, in Los Angeles, Police Chief MICHAEL MARCH (Gary Busey) is in search of a mailbomb killer who is terrorizing the city. Who is this bomber . . . Could the killer and smuggler be one and the same?

This tension-laced suspense thriller will take you through the streets of Mexico, Los Angeles, and Moscow, and many twists and turns, before the truth is uncovered.

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