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Drama | English, German | 107 minutes


Atlas International Film

Cast & Crew


York-Fabian Raabe


Alexander Wadouh, Elaine Niessner, Tommy Niessner


Toks Körner, York-Fabian Raabe


Eugene Boateng, Christiane Paul, Lydia Forson, Adjetey Anang, Jude Arnold Kurankyi



The two brothers Kojo (Eugene Boateng) and Kofi (Jude Arnold Kurankyi) grow up on the electronic waste dump Agbogbloshie in Ghana's capital Accra. They earn their living in their father's (Adjetey Anang) business by collecting metals from Western e-waste. One day, Kojo has an encounter with a Borga (Elikem Kumordzie) from Germany that will change his life forever.

When the opportunity arises 10 years later to go to Germany himself, the family bond breaks and Kojo begins a five-year odyssey across the continents. When he arrives in Germany, he soon realises that his dream is only a myth. He is not welcomed with open arms. But a return is out of the question!

His ray of hope is Lina (Christiane Paul), but even with her he tries to fulfil the image he thinks everyone expects of him - the image of Borga.

This film is showing what is happening everyday and shown on the news. African men leaving their country to earn money for their family in Europe. A lot of them never arriving in Europe by boat ....

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