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Born to Race: Fast Track

Born to Race: Fast Track

Action/Adventure | English | 94 minutes


American Cinema International

Cast & Crew


Alex Ranarivelo


Ali Afshar, George Shamieh


Steve Sarno, Alex Ranarivelo, Ali Afshar, George Shamieh


Brett Davern, Beau Mirchoff, Bill Sage



Twenty-two year old drag racer Danny Kreuger thought he'd be ahead of the curve at Fast Lane Racing Academy, but instead finds himself eating the dust of his high-octane classmates, some of the fiercest young drivers in the world. The race track becomes a battlefield as Danny fights every day to push the limits of his speed.

As Danny slips behind in the rankings, so do his hopes of becoming a professional racer. One wrong turn on the track could put Danny on the skids for good. When a terrible accident leaves him without a racing partner, Danny is forced to team up with his prickly high school rival to avoid expulsion. The odd couple must learn to set aside their differences as they vie for rookie spots on the Lucas Oil Racing Team.

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