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Boy Missing

Boy Missing

Alternate Titles: Secuestro

Suspense, Thriller | Spanish | 110 minutes


Film Factory Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Mar Targarona


Joaqu?n Padro, Mar Targarona


Oriol Paulo


Jose Coronado, Blanca Portillo, Antonio Dechent, Vicente Romero, Josep Maria Pou, Macarena G?mez


PATRICIA DE LUCAS, a reputable lawyer, sees her life turned into a nightmare when her son VICTOR disappears from school without a trace. Hours later, the boy reappears, bruised and clammy with sweat, claiming that a man tried to kidnap him, but that he managed to escape. The police mobilize and after VICTOR identifies him in a line-up, they manage to find the man seemingly responsible. But the proof is insufficient and the presumed kidnapper is set free. That is when PATRICIA - scared and fearing for her son - decides to do what she's never done before: take justice into her own hands. But the situation gets out of control and her actions will have unforeseen consequences.

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