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Breaking Infinity

Breaking Infinity

Science-Fiction, Thriller | English | 86 minutes


OneTwoThree Media

Cast & Crew


Marianna Dean


Zoe Cunningham, Paul Desira, Marianna Dean


David Trotti


Neil Bishop, Jonny Phillips, Zoe Cunningham



Breaking Infinity is a time bending thriller about a research scientist named Liam, who has become unstuck in time. The only people Liam can count on for help are the doctor treating him, Emma, who’s convinced he’s suffering from delusion and his lab assistant Garret.

As Liam’s episode become more intense, and his jumps through time more extreme, Liam travels from the distant past where he’s guided by a mysterious Old Man, to the future where he witnesses the end of the world – an apocalypse he may have caused.

Liam must convince the reluctant Emma to help him solve the mystery behind his time traveling quantum state, but complicating this is the fact Liam is experiencing time out of sequence, while Emma is only moving forward. Ultimately Liam discovers the accident that sent him careening through time was an accident – but who was responsible?

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