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Bride To Be

Bride To Be

Comedy, Romance, Romantic Comedy | English, Russian | 80 minutes


MultiVisionnaire Pictures

Cast & Crew


Natalia Padilla


Spencer Loucks, Ksenia Valenti


Ksenia Valenti, Dan Creed, Richard Neil



Anna is convinced by her mother that she can find love and happiness by marrying a wealthy American man, Bill, who she’s never met. Once she lands in the U.S. and marries Bill, she realizes it’s not what it seems to be. Bill is a narcissist politician that only sees her as a trophy wife. Trapped at home, Her only friend is her wonky housekeeper. Until one chance encounter, she meets a scruffy and down-to-earth chef named Matt, she discovers the love and romance she always wanted. Balancing her love life with her rich but morally bankrupt husband and her scruffy yet charming lover, Anna finally learns to become an independent woman who she’s always wanting to be.

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