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Burt Reynolds: The Last Interview

Burt Reynolds: The Last Interview

Documentary | English | 99 minutes


KDMG, Inc.

Cast & Crew


Rick Pamplin


Scott duPont, p.g.a., Maggie Pamplin, p.g.a., Paulie Kazanofsk


Rick Pamplin


Burt Reynolds, Quentin Tarantino, C. Todd Vittum, Chuck Eldred, Michelle Hillery, Andrew Kato



Burt Reynolds' last interview, uncut, unscripted and uncensored, with exclusive Q and A's with Academy Award winner Quentin Tarantino and close associates reveal the final act of his life. In his own words, Burt explains himself, his career, success, secret passions and advice for others. This no holds-barred interview with "The Last Movie Star" at his Florida acting school, filmed just before his untimely death, is considered by friends to have captured the real Reynolds. Initially scheduled as a brief discussion for a documentary about film financing, which he claimed to know nothing about, he was irritable and edgy, rambled around a bit, eventually settled down and engaged in a rare in-depth look back at his passions and purpose, plans for the future and a wide range of topics. Opinionated, outspoken, charismatic, glib, charming and funny, Reynolds delivers a startling, unsettling, heartbreaking, up-close view of a cinema and Hollywood box-office legend who remains larger than life.

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