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Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance, Thriller | Chinese, English | 140 minutes


OneDoor Studios

Cast & Crew


John Lee, Jason Brents, Stephen Wollwerth, Daniel Cobb, Paul Lauer


Ann Peacock



Josephine Rivers is a calculating prodigy with a nearly supernatural ability to look at the world through a purely mathematical lens, even at times predicting the future. After a betrayal by her own family when she’s only 15, she’s kidnapped and taken to China by the sinister Maxima, known as “Madame,” who forces her to use her gift to increase her fortune. This marks the beginning of our hero’s arduous journey, which sees her moved around Shanghai’s criminal underground as others exploit her gift. Her only close company is older captive Hong Rui, nicknamed “Red,” whose wisdom and support change how she views her own power and teaches her what she needs to survive. Now she’s 17 and working for a wealthy man whose captivating son Kai starts to chip away at her emotional defenses. She has the fate of the world in her hands, thanks to her unique gifts, but she also craves vengeance against those who’ve wronged her. Can she save the world from a financial collapse and also bring her enemies down? And can she trust Kai enough to let him into her heart?

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