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Candy Train (TV Series)

Candy Train (TV Series)

Black Comedy, Urban | English | 30 minutes


Shade 2 Sunshine

Cast & Crew


Jamal McWilliams, sells candy on the New York subway. But when his diabetic mother has her foot amputated he can no longer face supporting himself by selling sugary treats on the trains. Jamal is determined to sell healthy snacks, instead.

With the help of his ex-girlfriend, a cashier at an upscale supermarket, Jamal taps into a source of “soon to expire” nuts and dried fruits that would otherwise be given to the homeless. He and some fellow candy hustlers make them into granola bars with the assistance of their group home cook—who wants a cut of the profits.

Jamal quickly learns that the commuters on his Bronx 2 train route are not interested in switching from candy to nuts and fruits. Sales are pitiful. Profits are not forthcoming. But the cook stilll demands to be paid and sends her sinister nephew to collect.

Jamal is tempted by his former boss to return to selling candy and is just about to give up on his dream when the train he's riding gets rerouted. After a series of typical transit mishaps—a sick passenger, police action, track fire, signal failure and a suicide—Jamal finds himself in unfamiliar territory, a stretch of gentrified Brooklyn.

Much to Jamal’s surprise, the commuters in this part of town are not only gung-ho for his healthy snacks but willing to pay a premium for them! Now Jamal has to find out if good intentions came become a real business.

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