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Charming (3D)

Charming (3D)

Action/Adventure, Animation | English | 85 minutes


SC Films International

Cast & Crew


Ross Venokur


John H. Williams


Ross Venokur


Demi Lovato, Ashley Tisdale, Avril Lavigne


INVITATION ONLY - "CHARMING" is an irreverent comedy about a young prince cursed with an irresistible appeal and the one kick-ass girl who wants him for nothing but money.

From the moment he can speak Prince Philip Charming, the victim of Blessing Fairy 117's enchantments, compulsively proposes to every woman he encounters. Behind him lies a trail of lovesick and furious scorned lovers wreaking vengeful havoc on the entire Charming kingdom. The prince's exasperated father, King Charming, finally sends his son out with an ultimatum, find a true-true love before his 21st birthday or lose all claim to the throne.

In a twist of fate the hapless Charming stumbles upon Lenore, a professional outlaw cursed with a loveless heart. He sees her as the key to his heart's desire and she sees him as the perfect pawn in a lucrative scheme. Disguised as a man named Lenny, Lenore leads Charming on a perilous adventure to confront the women he has tricked, thereby reaping her rewards. Together this unconventional pair fights flaming arrows, giants, and the ominous meddling's of Fairy 117, growing ever closer to trusting their hearts and finding a secretly-desired happiness they were destined to never achieve.

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