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Clue: The Maltese Mystery

Clue: The Maltese Mystery

Family | Norwegian | 93 minutes


Global Screen

Cast & Crew


Thale Persen


Cornelia Boysen, Pias Semb


Aleksander Aleksander Kirkwood Brown, based on the novels by Jorn Lier Horst


Julia Mælumshagen Nymoen, Kenza Olympia Iteka, Felix Sollie


On the same day that Cecilia and Une meet Leo for the first time, a corpse turns up on the beach in their idyllic Norwegian bay. Who is the dead man, how did he get here, and could he have anything to do with the death of Cecilia's mum the year before? Together, the three teens and their dog Egon start unwinding the road to the truth, which is a perilous one, lined with escaped prisoners, mysterious guests, secret diaries and dark, old passages into bunkers left from the war.

CLUE - The Maltese Mystery is a highly atmospheric and adventurous mystery with a charming trio of three young detectives set in the beautiful Norwegian landscape. It’s a Nordic noir film for kids, based on the adaption of internationally bestselling novels of acclaimed author Jørn Lier Horst's. The Sunday Times praises Jørn Lier Horst as “one of the most brilliantly understated crime novelists writing today”. Clue leans heavily on inspiration from Agatha Christie's well-known recipe: smart detectives, a huge amount of circumstantial evidence, a pool of interesting suspects and a surprising solution. CLUE - The Maltese Mystery is produced by Cornelia Boysen and Pias Semb at Maipo Film (Academy Award nominated “Elling”, “Happy, Happy”, “The art of Negative Thinking”, “State of Happiness”, “Louis & Luca”, “Ashlad”).

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