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Convoy (working title)

Convoy (working title)

Action/Adventure, Drama | Norwegian | 105 minutes



Cast & Crew


Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken


In 1942, Hitler's war machine seems unstoppable. The Germans gain ground in the Soviet Union and the situation looks dire. To prevent further losses civilian merchant ships are gathered from across the world carrying war supplies from Iceland to Murmansk and Archangel under protection of Allied naval vessels to make the treacherous journey.

35 ships set off on what is supposed to be the safest convoy. However due to catastrophic mistakes by British intelligence the journey turns deadly for the men and ships. Caught at sea without defense or war experience, civilian sailors are now forced to fight for their lives against German air and naval forces as well as brutal Arctic temperatures. Only 12 ships made it to destination.

CONVOY (WORKING TITLE) tells the story of one of the biggest dramas that unfolded at sea during World War 2.

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