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Dark Ops: Wicked Panda

Dark Ops: Wicked Panda

Drama, True Story | English | 60 minutes


Knight Studios

Cast & Crew


Alissa Knight


Melissa Knight, Alissa Knight, Shannon Wilkinson, Troy Wilkinson


Alissa Knight


Paul Cervenka, Christopher Cinquemani, Rockshana Desances, Julio Erazo, Felix Merback, Richie Modad, Aaron Murray, Tonya Todd, TJ Wimbs



Series Plot Outline: With Ransomware cases continuing to climb to all-time highs within the United States, a crack team is assembled within the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit 2 by the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Their mission is to hunt down and dismantle Ransomware crime syndicates globally in order to recover ransom payouts and stolen intelligence property from U.S. companies by any means necessary.

Series Plot Summary: The Dark Ops team is crack team of criminal profilers that secretly operates with a large degree of autonomy from the rest of the BAU2 and directly reports to the Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI. Their job is to disrupt, dismantle, and ultimately recover ransomware losses to the most critical sectors of the U.S. economy and critical infrastructure. The FBI's BAU2 is a special unit within the BAU focused on identifying and tracking down the most sophisticated threats in white collar and cyber crime. BAU2 supports federal and state law enforcement to identify and apprehend unknown subjects (unsubs) through behavioral-based investigative and/or operational support by applying case experience, research, and training to the most complex and time-sensitive white collar and cyber crime cases globally.

Episode 1 (Part 1), Episode 2 (Part 2): The Dark Ops team is formed by the U.S. Senate within the FBI's Behavior Analysis Unit 2. The team investigates a case involving a U.S. defense contractor by a hostile nation state.

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