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Darkest of Lies

Darkest of Lies

Thriller | English | 116 minutes


ITN Studios

Cast & Crew


Kelley Schwarze


Christopher Brown, Hailee Lipscomb, Sabrina Cofield



Army vet Travis reluctantly follows his wife Rochelle to the West Coast after she lands a life-changing job. Living with the scars of war, and waning off an opioid addiction, he struggles to find a sense of belonging in the couple’s new home. However, his best efforts are thwarted by an onset of horrifying hallucinations and dark visions. Paranoia soon sets in and threatens to unravel all of Travis’s healing progress. Convinced that the house is warning him to save his wife from some sinister force, he sets out to persuade Rochelle to move them back home. However, Rochelle has other plans and refuses to leave. But a dark lie will soon be revealed that will send the couple on a collision course with a tragedy.

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