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Dead Within

Dead Within

Thriller | English | 90 minutes


SC Films International

Cast & Crew


Ben Wagner


Ben Wagner, Jennifer Westin, Charlotte Pai, Matthew Bradford, Gabriel Roth


Matthew Bradford, Ben Wagner, Dean Chekvala, Amy Cale Peterson


Amy Cale Peterson, Dean Chekvala



Kim and Mike drive to their friend’s remote mountain cabin with their baby daughter and pet dog. The two couples have a night full of celebration unaware of the tragedy about to befall them...

The cabin. Now boarded up. Claustrophobic. No power. No food. A box of the detritus of an electronics-dependent civilisation now gone forever. Kim and Mike have survived a mysterious pandemic through routine and isolation. Their world is this cabin.

Mike ventures out to scavenge for supplies, but any time they open the door or make a noise they invite ravenous assailants. Kim remains in the cabin alone, armed only with kitchen knives and garden tools. She is tormented by images of the dead and her life that was and will never be.

Soon her increasing paranoia will cause trust issues and her mind will no longer separate the real from the unreal...

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