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Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma

Alternate Titles: El vasco

Comedy, Drama | Basque, Spanish | 102 minutes



Cast & Crew


Jabi Elortegi


Itziar Zeberio


Xabi Zabaleta, Arantxa Cuesta


Joseba Usabiaga, Eduardo Blanco


Mikel has decided that his life needs a drastic change and so he accepts the invitation from a distant relative to travel to Argentina and restart his life there. But it won’t be long after his arrival before Mikel realizes that his “uncle” Chelo is no more than a happy-go-lucky gambling addict and alcoholic, with absolutely nothing to offer him.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, things start to go even further downhill when grandma Dolores, Chelo’s mom, wakes from a ten-year sleep after hearing Mikel sing a lullaby in the Basque language and confuses him with Juanito, her brother and Mikel’s grandfather. From this moment on, the whole village will embark on a madcap plan to convince Dolores that she’s still in her home town in the Basque country of the 1950’s.

Mikel now suddenly finds himself in the middle of Chelo and Begoña, Dolores’ two, squabbling children, with whom he will have to try and broker the peace, aided only by the helpful and understanding Ines, Amuma Dolores’ ever-cheerful carer.

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